indigo girls’ amy ray a rocker at heart

original publish date: 5 feb 2009
by claudia marshall,
[link to source]

amyray_300Hollywood stars have complained about it for years: Success becomes a trap. Amy Ray would be the last person to complain, but her popularity as a member of The Indigo Girls does create expectations among fans who want to hear her play folk music.

But Ray is a rocker and a punk at heart, so she makes time to craft solo records that revel in edgier styles. Didn’t It Feel Kinder, her third studio release as a solo artist, is such an album.

In our conversation, Ray spoke thoughtfully and candidly about the downside of being a famous folksinger. She even shared the meanings behind some of her lyrics — something many artists are reluctant to do. Another surprise: Even though I’d seen her perform many times, I was unprepared for the sheer strength of both her voice and her spirit. Her magnetism, musically and personally, is undeniable.


the online article has a links to amy’s audio interview and in-studio performance.


~ by Erin on Friday, June 5, 2009.

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