amy ray makes top 10

one of my more guiltier (and naughtier) pleasures is reading the sugarbutch chronicles.  i was stumbling around the ‘net one day and found the site as a link from another blog.  and hooked i became.  he recently released his ‘top hot butches’ list and a-ray came in at a not-too-shabby #7.  although in my humble opinion and maybe some of yours as well, she definitely deserves the top spot.  julie, kaia, and mel are also featured on the list as #28, #43, and #94, respectively.

you can check out the entire list here.

7.   Amy Ray

“Obviously, most queers are familiar with Amy Ray as being half of the folk-duo The Indigo Girls (whose most recent album, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, was released in March 2009), but Ray now has three solo records under her belt. Her solo stuff is much more punkrock than her work with the Indigo Girls, though it’s still got her sexy voice, gorgeous guitar, and fantastic lyrics.

Ray’s most recent album, Didn’t It Feel Kinder, came out in August 2008 and she’s been touring with the all-butch band Julie Wolf (#28) on keyboards, Kaia Wilson (#43) on guitar, and Melissa York (#94) on drums, which was an incredible sight. They are doing another tour in August 2009 and you really should not miss them.”


~ by Erin on Wednesday, July 1, 2009.

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