amy ray rocks – seriously!

original publish date:  9 feb 2009
by dan nailen,
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I popped in on the Amy Ray show Friday at the Avalon, and wasn’t surprised at all to be thoroughly entertained by Ray’s rockier side.

Those unfamiliar with this Indigo Girl’s solo work might be surprised to hear squalling guitar solos, to get lyrics that directly—and sometimes, gloriously profanely—address Ray’s pet political causes, and to see Ray downing shots of an undisclosed liquor between songs. But Ray’s always been the punkier half of the Indigo Girls’ sound, and when she unleashes her solo side, it’s something to behold.

Too bad more people weren’t on hand to behold it; the Avalon Theater was maybe half-full for Ray’s set. That seems odd to me, considering the Indigo Girls can sell a few thousand tickets in this town pretty much any time they show up. Maybe the IG fans aren’t familiar with Ray’s solo work, or maybe its rambunctious nature scares them off. Either way, seems hard to believe those hardcore Indigo Girls fans would want to miss seeing one of their favorites in such an intimate environment, where they could literally go up to the stage and shake Ray’s hand. Ah, well.

Backed by opening act Arizona — guitar, bass, drums — and long-time cohort Julie Wolf on keyboards, Ray delivered a slew of tracks from her new Didn’t It Feel Kinder album, including “Stand and Deliver” and “Cold Shoulder.” She was relentlessly chatty between songs (aided by those shots, no doubt), and repeatedly sang the praises of Salt Lake City and what the place has meant to her career. And, of course, the applause after each song was met with the patented Indigo Girls’ shout-out: “Thanks, y’all!”

Thank YOU, Amy. Nicely done. See you on the next pass through town with Emily.


Reader Comments:

Feb 16, 2009 03:41 pm

Posted by  Anonymous

Nice review, really…but I had to laugh at the comment about Amy Ray downing shots of unnamed liquor. Ray has been sober for years, she even wrote a song about it. What the reviewer likely saw her drinking were shots of tea, which she does drink onstage frequently.


~ by Erin on Friday, July 3, 2009.

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