excerpt of encounter with amy ray

original publish date: 4 feb 2009
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© demented-cookies

“…Anyway, last Sunday guess who was in town…AMY RAY! For those of you who don’t know, Amy Ray is the younger member of the folk-rock duo the Indigo Girls. She sings and plays guitar and mandolin. Well, she was playing at Amoeba Records last Sunday and my dad and I went to see her (she doesn’t like playing big places, even though she very well could). It was pretty crowded, because it was a record store, but it was really awesome. She played a few songs from her new album like “Bus Bus,” “She Must Be,” and “Cold Shoulder.” She’s also pretty funny. Since it was a small place, she would talk to audience members and things like that. There was a surprising amount of small children in the audience. There was a pretty diverse audience: from some old woman in her 60’s or something, to a few teenagers (including me), to a child less than 5, although it seemed the majority was between the ages of 25 and 35.

Afterward, she signed her CD. She was very nice. When she asked my name I told her and she signed my CD. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to give her the picture I drew of her. So I went back in the record store and got back in line, at the very end. When I got back up there I said, “hello again.” She said, “You’re name is Laura, right?” and I thought to myself, She remembered my name! She freaking remembered my name!! I gave her the picture and she said, “You drew this?” I said yes and told her she could keep it and she said, “This is really good! Thank you!” I’m hoping she actually thought that and wasn’t just being nice.

She was really good, but next time I see her I hope Emily is there. The harmony the Indigo Girls add to their songs is just so…moving! Amy alone, though, is still very, very, very good. YouTube her or the Indigo Girls and find a nice video…”


~ by Erin on Saturday, July 4, 2009.

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