amy ray in northampton, ma

original publish date: 17 june 2009
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i just realized that this was the same show i went to in northampton only a few weeks ago… and here’s a picture of the bus!

shot from the hotel northampton

shot from the hotel northampton

“…On our way back from the farm, in order to avoid traffic, I took the sneaky way across Main Street through the parking lot behind the Calvin Theatre. There was a gigantic bronze tour bus. Idly, I wondered who was playing, and as soon as I remembered, I saw Amy Ray come out from around the front of the bus. I rolled down my window.

“Hey, Amy!” I said, acting like a totally cool, casual, one-time-almost-almost-famous folksinger, myself. She came over to the car and peered in. “It’s Nerissa Nields from the Nields.”

“Oh, hey,” she said. She’s extra friendly and social. I have met her several times in the past fifteen years and she has always been warm and supportive and engaging. At South By Southwest, for example, she told me to go to Thaiphoon for Thai food, and of course, she was right.

“I so wanted to come see you tonight, but…” and I gestured to the back seat towards my kids––which is only metaphorically true. I actually have a writing group to lead tonight, but one could argue that in a broader view, I lead writing groups instead of attending folk shows with legendary duos because of my kids.

“I can see why you aren’t coming tonight,” she chuckled, waving at Elle and Jay.

“Have a great show,” I said, driving off…”


~ by Erin on Saturday, July 4, 2009.

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