dissed by amy ray. right here. me

original publish date: 11 july 2007
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“…Who got dissed by Amy Ray? I did!  Yes, yes it’s true.

And while I do have a bit of an ego, which she WAY bruised, I have to agree with my pals who were there – it was quite amusing.

My friend Penny and I heard Amy Ray and the Volunteers were coming to the Old City and performing at Blue Cats. It was my lesbian duty to attend. I’d seen Amy perform solo in Charlotte and liked the fact she rocked out on her own. Totally different music than she puts out with the Indigo Girls. The doors weren’t scheduled to open until 8pm, but Penny and I both figured every lesbian in town would be in attendance and since it’s a club with standing room only, we figured best to grab an early dinner and be first in line to grab our spots.

After downing a few brews and some pizza at Barleys, the bar across the street from Blue Cats, we wandered over to join the 5 or so other women hanging ‘round. From inside we could hear the sweet sound of Amy Ray warming up as we plopped down on the cement curb, enjoying the pre-concert and parade of heavily tattooed women. I’m not much into tattoos, but I find them intriguing. What I didn’t know at the time was that these girls were part of Amy’s opening act called My Siamese Self. One of the girls, who turned out to be the lead singer, has tattoos all over her neck. On her, the look worked. On me, people would run screaming.

The doors opened and we made a beeline for the bar. It’s the crowd you would expect – but not nearly as many people as we anticipated. I think only 50-75 people total showed. My thought is that people know who the Indigo Girls are, but don’t know the names of Emily and Amy….so there will probably be lots of sad groupies in town when they realize they missed Amy.

The opening act, My Siamese Self, took the stage and they rocked it out. If I’m being totally honest, not my favorite kind of music. However, they were fun to watch and their performance gave me more time to check out all their tattoos.

We were just be-bopping away, watching the itty bitty teeny weeny mosh pit jump up and down and flail their arms wildly when Penny elbowed me and said “hey, there’s Amy right there!” I turned my head left and sure enough, there she was, in back of the itty bitty teeny weeny mosh pit taking pictures with her digital camera. No one has any clue she’s back there. She’s wearing these red plaid pants (similar to my pajama pants) and a black t-shirt. Nothing incognito about her….she’s just hanging out like everyone else and enjoying the show. I know that both she and Emily are very supportive of up and coming artists, so I was thinking how cool it was that she was out on the floor, taking pictures and documenting their performance.

Feeling fairly confident and not overly star struck, I thought to myself, “hey, yeah, I’ll say something to her. Sure, why not….i’m a cool chick and it’s not like I want her autograph or anything….I’ll just be totally normal and win her undying friendship with my witty banter and charming smile.” ….after a few more sips o’ my Heineken.

Well, a few sips later, Penny elbowed me again, making me aware that Amy was now standing shoulder to shoulder with me. There she was, right there. My chance.

She was holding her digital camera at arm’s length and snapping pictures of the band. Because of how she was holding the camera, I got a look at the photo she took. In that split second I had no idea what was getting ready to come out of my mouth but I grinned, put my hand lightly on her and said “hey, I think you missed her head…”

I should have taken more time. THAT was the best I had? Seriously?!

She barely turned her head and said “no I didn’t” in her best I Can’t Be Bothered voice and walked away.

I clucked my tongue and dared to look over at my friends, who were, of course hysterical. And responded to everything I said that night with “no, I didn’t” before pretending to walk away. bitches.

Now, I realize that my choice of comments could have been cooler, hipper, wittier…but it wasn’t. okay. It wasn’t.

So, ms. I can’t be bothered got on stage and performed. She was fabulous, as always.

Amy did come back out to chat up her devoted fans after the show. I, however, did not approach her for the second time….I just wasn’t ready. I’ll try not to hold against her the fact that she PUBLICLY trounced on my ego….maybe I’ll try again another time. After hy heart heals and my cheeks lose the red markings of sheer embarassment…”

I just tonight found your blog, so I’m WAY late to the party, and this post in particular. But I, too, have been dissed by Amy Ray! For me, it was in June 2006, at Dragoncon in Atlanta (why I was at Dragoncon is a long, long story), and saw her striding purposefully across the lobby before stopping to look around. As a terribly smitten fan, I couldn’t help myself and essayed forth the profound “You’re Amy Ray, aren’t you?” To which she replied the obvious, “Yeah.” I said, “Can I help you find anything?” and she said, “Uh, no, I’m just meeting some friends” and took off in a probably random direction to get away from the nerdy fangirl. Ah well.

So I just had to share.

Love the blog–you’ve had me in stitches!

joye: hey there! thanks for leaving me a comment – anyone else who gets the big dis from Amy Ray is a friend of mine 🙂 This happened FOREVER ago and my friends still tease me about it. sigh. i need more sympathetic friends…thanks again for letting me know yer out there!
I don’t think Amy is really into the whole fan thing. My story:

A couple of years back at the Calgary Folk Fest, I nearly dropped to the floor when she walked in the front door of the hotel I was staying at. I mean, I flew out to Calgary to see them, so it shouldn’t have been a total shock, but to see HER walk through the door… amazing. I scraped up my courage and introduced myself and tried so hard not to be a traditional gushy fan, but all the time (mere seconds) our encounter lasted, Amy was clearly uncomfortable and looking for a way to get away from me. I let her escape because it was so freakin’ awkward.

Later that night, my mum and I cornered Emily in the hotel’s elevator, and now that was a whole different experience. She was lovely and charming and engaged, and we should have invited her to our room to share our Thai food.

It was Emily’s birthday that day and I was going to get flowers for her, but I thought what were the odds I could get anywhere near the stage to give them to her? Little did I know we’d be a foot apart in the elevator.

Anyhow. You’re not alone in the “I’ve been snubbed by Amy Ray” club. I am a proud member, and will always remember that day rather fondly. 🙂

Susan: I admit, it does feel better to know that I’m in such good company 🙂 Perhaps we should all get “I was snubbed by Amy Ray” t-shirts. We could make millions!


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