amy ray in five songs (twice)

original publish date: 12 may 2009
by tracy collins,
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photo courtesy of ethan miller/getty images

photo courtesy of ethan miller/getty images

Followers of Facebook know the drill, and we put Amy Ray through it.

The social networking site is notorious for its quickie quizzes and lists that are meant to show deep introspection in 50 words or fewer.

So, we asked Ray: Name the five songs that best define you as an artist.

Her list, heavy on recent works:

1. “Kid Fears” (from “Indigo Girls,” 1989): “From early times.”

2-3. “Sugar Tongue” and “Second Time Around” (“Poseidon and the Bitter Bug,” 2009): “These define me in my community and my politics.”

4. “Late Bloom” (from the solo “Stag,” 2001)

5. “Bus Bus” (from the solo “Didn’t It Feel Kinder,” 2008)

But also like Facebook, we have the chance to comment. Here are five songs worth downloading to show you Ray’s surprising range:

1. “Johnny Rottentail” (From “Stag,” 2001): It’s Appalachian punk.

2. “Tether” (“All That We Let In,” 2004): This is her “Stairway to Heaven.”

3. “Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate” (“Despite Our Differences,” 2007): Who says these Girls can’t rock?

4. “Shame On You” (“Shaming of the Sun,” 1997): Infectious concert sing-along with a conscience.

5. “Jonas and Ezekial” (“Rites of Passage,” 1992): Acoustic anger with a conscience.


~ by Erin on Wednesday, July 8, 2009.

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