hsp.harvard.edu: Bad Publicity, My Ass! You Must Be Taking Crazy Pills

original publish date:  january 2004
by the harvard satyrical press
[link to source]

i couldn’t resist putting this up, it’s plainly tongue-in-cheek. and they could have done a little better with the melissa e. pic, imho.

“‘The really beautiful thing,’ says Amy Ray, half of the folk duo the Indigo Girls, ‘is that it was David’s wife who made the suggestion.’ Ray and her partner swear it was not their intention to be ‘copycats,’ but nonetheless that’s what they are, according to rocker Melissa Etheridge: ‘Let’s just put it out there. Amy saw the publicity and the success that I’ve had, and she wanted a piece.’ Whatever the motivation, Ray is due to deliver this summer a baby conceived by artificial insemination with David Crosby’s sperm. The very public feud between Ray and Etheridge has sent record sales soaring for both. ‘There aren’t many sure things in this business,’ says industry analyst Phil Tripp, ‘but there’s no question, if you’re a lesbian and you have one of David Crosby’s babies, you’re going platinum.’ Last week’s SoundScan results show that Crosby ‘s album sales are also up. ‘Did anyone notice,’ asks Tripp, ‘that it was Crosby’s wife who suggested the Etheridge kid?'”


~ by Erin on Wednesday, July 8, 2009.

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