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UPDATE: so i got my little ‘goodie’ bag from today.  and honestly, wtf? i got the chemical brothers singles 93-03 2-disc dvd set and vanessa hudgens self-titled cd.  i don’t know much about either, but i’ll give them a try…but if anyone wants either, pls let me know or they’re goin’ up on ebay!


when i finally got this site up and running i figured i’d better try to increase traffic, so i signed up with a blog rating site ‘’  i also agreed to ‘product test’ for them, in exchange for free merch, and was contacted yesterday asking to review the beta version of


even though emi is not a-ray’s label (boo!), they do have her music (yay!) in their extensive database.  along with a ton other artists, both established artists like coldplay and lenny kravitz, and emerging artists, such as red jumpsuit apparatus and the decemberists.

on first glance, the site is neat, clean, simple, and well-organized.  it’s easy to find what you’re looking (or even not looking) for. registering with the site and creating a free account will allow you the ability to create playlists, share them, and even create widgets for your blog or myspace page.

but, keep in mind that this functionality is only good for emi artists.

when i searched for amy ray, it returned ‘prom’ and ‘didn’t it feel kinder,’ but in order to listen to them, i was redirected to another site, (amy’s page on is here). allows you to browse, listen, buy, and create playlists of artists not affiliated with emi.  you can even create a widget (i love discoverwidgets).

another neat function is that you can find artists similar to a particular artist, in this case, again, a-ray.  but, my results were rather disappointing.  the search returned artists who’s name, album title, track title, etc., had either ‘amy’ or ‘ray’ in it somewhere, instead of artists with a similar musical style (see image to the right.  clicking on it will take you to the results page.).

while i’m on the topic of disappointment, another thing that i didn’t find very likeable was the autoplay on the music player.  when you load the page, the pre-selected tracks begin playing.  i found it distracting, especially since i already had music playing on my computer.  obviously, you can just hit the ‘pause’ or the ‘clear list’ buttons to stop the playback.  i guess i’m just lazy.

the site also boasts music videos, music news, an rss feed, and the ability to provide feedback about the site.

despite the site’s beta-testing phase, i definitely think that the folks at emi are on the right track.


~ by Erin on Monday, July 13, 2009.

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