for the write reason: a kick-ass blog

as always, in my quest for more info on amy, i came across this blog.  if you can get past the light on dark contrast (which gets a little hard on the eyes after awhile), the blog owner has posted some really interesting things about amy.  she’s devoted an entire category to a-ray, and while i’ve asked to repost the content, she’s not gotten back to me, so i’m just going to link to it.

[link to source]


~ by Erin on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

One Response to “for the write reason: a kick-ass blog”

  1. For the Write Reason is my blog, and I really appreciate the shout out. When/how did you try to contact me about reposting? I never received anything. Anyway, feel free to repost whatever you’d like.

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