kcsb.org: Amy Ray Interview Podcast!

original publish/air date: 14 july 2009
by andy doerr, kcsb.org

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indigoThe Indigo Girls’ Emily Saliers and Amy Ray, who are both from Georgia, were overnight folk icons who went on to produce 10 major-label studio albums to significant acclaim over a twenty year period. Their new record, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, is their first on their new independent label IG Recordings.

Emily Saliers hails from the more traditional Joni Mitchell school, boasting a gentler sound, complex musicality, and more abstract and spiritual lyrics. Meanwhile, Amy Ray draws heavily from the singer/songwriter aspects of punk rock, which explains her more intense, direct approach. Their contrasts provide artistic tension and an interesting balance.

Throughout two decades of music, Indigo Girls managed to garner respectable mainstream success and maintain their rabid core following. Although Poseidon and the Bitter Bug is their first indie release in a significantly changed digital media landscape, they are no strangers to independent music, as Amy Ray has run her own label, Daemon Records, for nearly 20 years. Throughout their career, the band has also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to social, political, and environmental issues.

Opener Justin Vernon is the genius behind the acclaimed new indie folk group, Bon Iver, hailing from Wisconsin.

KCSB is an official media supporter for this event.


Andy Doerr, host of KCSB’s “Roadtunes Sessions,” interviewed Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls during his July 14th broadcast (earlier today). We’ve posted a podcast of that segment below. (”Roadtunes Sessions” airs Tuesdays from 10am-noon.)


Amy Ray on “Roadtunes Sessions” [15:12m]

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