project q atlanta: amy ray likes a good gay men’s store

original publish date: 10 june 2009
by project q atlanta

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Lesbian rocker Amy Ray talks about Atlanta’s music community, her affinity for gay men’s clothing stores and good eats in a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Amy Ray (of the Indigo Girls), singer, songwriter and musician (whose latest CD is titled “Poseidon and The Bitter Bug”)

“This is a really special music community that I think we just feel so attached to because we came up through it. We cut our teeth on the bars here and learned how to play by sitting in with other bands, and during breaks.

“And I think the scene has gotten more and more vibrant over the years. But for me, it’s not as integrated as it used to be. Racially. And I think that’s tough to do, in general, because there’s so many different things that have to happen. And there has to be a willingness to it. It can’t be like a forced thing.

“But I think there are people that are trying. I don’t think there’s a lack of effort… .

“But back to the fun stuff: restaurant-wise I love [fellow Indigo Girl Emily Saliers’] Watershed, of course. That’s like my default, pretty much. But there is this Bangladeshi restaurant on Buford Highway that is unbelievable. So, so, so good! Panahar. And the guys that run that place, they’re just great. Really clever. They won’t let you order what you want, how you want to. They tell you what you can eat that day, and it’s good so you just go with it.

“I like the Earl for partying. I don’t drink, but I love the bands they have there. I love going to see shows there. It’s my favorite venue in Atlanta.

“And I really like Little Five Points, generally, for shopping.. . . I’ve always been more of a thrift store person, but I’m starting to find a lot of stuff at, like, the gay men’s clothing store. So Bill Hallman’s right down my alley.”


~ by Erin on Friday, August 14, 2009.

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