what it means to be a ‘superfan’

some people just don’t understand.
they think we’re obsessive & crazy.  they call us stalkers.
they think we need more to do…

i found this article online, that i think, sums up the ‘ superfan.’  even tho it’s not about a-ray (altho she’s mentioned!), it says what we all are feeling.

(note: i’ve excerpted the article…click link to read in entirety.)

Avett Brothers superfan tells all

By Ricardo Baca, Denver Post Pop Music Critic

Falling in love with a band is a funny, intense thing. And I’m not talking about casual, iTunes-culture fandom. This is a much more serious relationship, the kind that involves the obsession over a band’s media, the dissection of album art, the devotion of traveling long distances to see the band play live.

I thought I’d loved bands before, but I was wrong. The Avett Brothers proved this to me when I first heard “Emotionalism,” the North Carolina quartet’s last full-length record.

On first listen, I was hooked to the Avett Brothers’ surreal combination of folk instrumentation, power-pop choruses and punk aesthetics. On second listen, I was already singing along, unconsciously memorizing the words. On third listen, I was e-mailing all of my friends MP3s, urging them to run and buy this record — now. On the fourth listen, I was ordering their entire back catalog. Armed with that grotesquely brilliant canon, my love affair began. The Avett Brothers are my life’s great musical love. I’ve loved before — but none has compared to the way I feel about the Avett Brothers and their music.

What’s special about the connection I feel to this band is that it’s uniquely mine. You have yours, if you’re lucky to have found it yet. Chris has Nine Inch Nails. Nichole has the Pixies. Jason has Phish. Kit has Amy Ray. John has Guided by Voices.

These bands are the soundtracks of our lives. They give us light and direction. They give us solace and strength. We don’t technically know these musicians.  But we know them through their music, and with some bands, that’s more revealing and important than shaking their hand.

With each Avetts show comes a renewed sense of life — a reminder of purpose. In their music, Seth and Scott Avett talk about honesty, fidelity and vitality. They sing drinking songs and dancing songs. They praise family and pretty girls, and they tell tales about the road, about Kansas and Manhattan.

I’ve introduced friends to the band, and the records weren’t enough. They had to see them live to get it, and that’s understandable.


~ by Erin on Sunday, August 16, 2009.

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